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The GT-TOS is a gravity-powered piece of shooting range equipment designed to provide the shooter a momentary target exposure, or a surprise or disappearing target.

              turning target operator

  •     Gravity operated - no power needed
  •     Nine different speeds
  •     Controlled target appearance and disappearance
  •     Smooth, consistent operation
  •     Adjustable timing: 1/2 to 8-second target exposure
  •     Rugged, durable construction - continuous MIG welds
  •     Adds challenge to courses of fire - fun to shoot
  •     Shoot to no-shoot target switch option
  •     For law enforcement, IPSC\USPSA, IDPA, others
  •     Developed by an experienced practical shooter


U.S. 2017 price, continental U.S.:


Government checks and governmental purchase orders accepted.

Prices subject to change without notice - order online to secure this price!


"... allowing even a small agency with a low budget and a borrowed range to create challenging, tactical scenarios..."
-- Emanual Kapelsohn - from the Police Marksman
"Provides course designers with new possibilities for challenging courses, limited only by the imagination."
-- Dave Thomas, Executive Manager, United States Practical Shooting Association 

"Gravity operated fits perfect with our less than perfect range situation."
-- Doug Coleman, firearms Instructor, Webber County Sheriffs Office, Ogden, Utah

"Functions as advertised. Provides an opportunity to challenge and encourage all shooters skills, and to increase proficiency with moving targets."
-- Judy Woolley, Ladies World Speed Shooting Champion

"Excellent choice for smaller departments with limited budgets."
-- Terry Barnhart, Chief, Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo, Wyoming

"Superb performance; will challenge my deputies; valuable tool for training."
-- Steven Hendricks, Deputy/Rangemaster, San Miguel County Sheriffs Office, Telluride, Colorado

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